Dealer Management Integration Portal

Autowert is evolving. This portal hosts all the essential information you need to ensure your clients are fully integrated with our new solution, Eurotax.

Your clients asked us to upgrade Autowert

Our new sales solution, Eurotax, will revolutionise vehicle valuations and stock management.

Attention – Get ready to test 

We will use this portal to keep you up to date of all new features as soon as they become available. We appreciate your support in carrying out this testing and your feedback is important to us – thank you.

What do you need to do to ensure your clients can access Eurotax as soon as it launches?

You will need to carry out some development changes.

These new developments will ensure it is easier for your clients to manage their data across multiple systems.

Keep checking this page as it will be updated regularly with useful information and documentation.

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We are changing from SOAP to REST APIs to ensure:

  • Better and more secure authentication method
  • Better performance when calling the new standardised and simplified APIs
  • Increased flexibility by using the latest technology

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API changes you need to implement for the new Eurotax:

  • A new ‘Vehicle Valuation‘ API
  • A new ‘Vehicle Repair Estimate’ API
  • Existing ‘Customer’ APIs will be consolidated into a new single ‘Customer’ API
  • Your clients will have the ability to open the new application to update vehicle cases or advanced search
  • Your clients will have the ability to update a case directly through APIs without opening the application for selected fields only
  • Hourly rate / labour rate API will no longer be available, standard rates will be managed within the application’s general settings

Learn more about the new Eurotax sales solution

The future of vehicle valuation and stock management is here:


1. Why are you making these changes?

  • We want to replace Autowert with a new state of the art solution and this means back end developments as well as front end ones. Implementing new REST APIs will ensure that we improve performance as well as flexibility. It’s a win-win for everyone.

2. What happens next?

  • We will be sharing our technical documentation on the new APIs on this portal and will ensure that you are kept up to date with all developments.

3. Will the current APIs change?

  • Yes, the new APIs will be the only way your clients will be able to integrate to the new solution once live. Until this time the old APIs will remain active for Autowert.

4. What will happen when the new system goes live?

  • The existing APIs for Autowert will be deactivated and your clients will no longer have access until your new connections using the REST APIs have been implemented in your dealer management system.

5. Can I participate in the scoping or testing?

  • Yes! If you’d like to get involved in scoping or testing, please contact Joachim Elsaesser: for more details.

6. When will these changes be available for testing?

  • Q3 2021, more details to follow in the coming weeks.

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